Ginataang Hipon Sitaw at Kalabasa

What is the perfect meal? Typically, it’s one that manages to satisfy all three tiers of the food pyramid. First, you have your carbs — pasta, bread, or, in most Filipino cases, rice will do the trick for that. Then, you have your proteins. This can come in an array of ingredients, whether it’s meat, seafood, or even tofu. And of course, your hearty meal wouldn’t be complete without some greens and veggies to keep your body chock full of nutrients. Altogether, you have a meal that is satisfying from beginning to end. And that is exactly what this ginataang hipon, sitaw, at kalabasa is!


A warm, homemade meal can rarely get any better than this ginataang hipon, sitaw, at kalabasa. On their own, each component is a star of its own, and can make any eating experience much brighter. But put them together and you have a powerhouse of a meal that your whole family will surely scarf down. Brimming with excellent flavors and an aroma to die for, this ginataang hipon dish is beloved across the country. Why wouldn’t it be, when it’s just so delicious?

Ginataang hipon, sitaw, at kalabasa is only one of many Filipino dishes we refer to as ginataan.

Coconut milk is nutty, sweet, but not overpowering in its flavor. This makes it perfect for dishes like ginataang hipon, where all the other ingredients have a good flavor of their own. Here are some other ingredients where gata truly shines, and highlights all other flavors of the dishes they’re in!

From fish, to jackfruit, to even pork, a lot of dishes have been made even better by the presence of coconut milk, or gata. This warm, rich liquid has become a go to for people looking to spice things up in the kitchen. Coconut milk works great not only in desserts, but in savory dishes too. In fact, in regions like Bicol, you’ve gata try all their gata dishes (pun intended!).

Move over, Avengers; we have a new crossover event of the century! Don’t you just love when two of your dishes fuse together to create something nothing short of otherworldly? That’s what you get in this delicious, mouthwatering Pork Kaldereta sa Gata! What this dish is able to do is combine what you love most about both dishes and put them all in one stellar and delightful meal. Pork kaldereta sa Gata has a saucier, more prominent tomato base than dishes like ginataang hipon. But the coconut milk that flavors it is truly an ingredient impossible to miss.

We know we’ve spoken a lot about filling meals like ginataang hipon and Bicol Express. But who said all ginataan dishes have to be savory? This Ginataang Bilo-bilo with Langka begs to differ! Filipino cuisine is as innovative as they come, and we see ingredients like coconut milk in all sorts of dishes, regardless of their taste palate. From appetizers straight on down to dessert, there’s a gata dish for everyone!

And coconut milk is healthy, too!

A tasty alternative to cow’s milk, coconut milk is also chock full of nutrients. A good source of calories and saturated fat, studies have proven that gata can also aid in weight loss. Further, you might find that enough coconut milk can help in maintaining healthy cholesterol and heart levels. No wonder people adore it so much!

How to cook ginataang hipon, sitaw, at kalabasa

The first step in this dish, as is common in most dishes, is to heat oil in a cooking pot. Three tablespoons of cooking oil are enough, before adding in your garlic and onion pieces. Sauté these two in your pot, softening your onions. Then, add in your shrimp, and cook for 1 to 2 minutes. Remove from the pot and set them aside, as we don’t want the shrimp of your ginataang hipon to overcook.

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